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Jenrry Mejia Going Back To The Starting Rotation, Mets Making The Right Call

The Mets are moving Jenrry Mejia back to the starting rotation and it’s about time. Mejia, 22, has bounced between the bullpen and the starting rotation throughout his career including a stint in the big league bullpen as a relief pitcher.

The original thought on Mejia was he was coming off Tommy John surgery, so his innings would be limited this season. The Mets front office decided to take advantage of that and move Mejia to the bullpen, where he eventually might be anyway. However, the role switch really hurt Mejia’s performance. As a relief pitcher, he has a 5.48 ERA in 21.1 innings pitched compared to a 1.13 ER in three starts with the Bisons.

The Mets want to (and need to) give Mejia the quality innings so he can develop and eventually become the major league pitcher that he has the talent to be. However, it’s been made clear that the bullpen is not the place for him to do that. I’ve always thought that a pitcher gets quality innings when starting. Then, pitchers are utilizing their off-speed pitches in order to get hitters out as opposed to just trying to blow away hitters with fastballs, as Mejia is reportedly doing and what many starters transitioning to the bullpen often try to do.

Velocity isn’t going to get Mejia by at the major leagues. It may scare a Double-A, or even some Triple-A hitters, but hitters like Giancarlo Stanton and Chase Utley are going to smack a fastball down the middle, whether it’s at 100 miles per hour or not. It’s the changeups and breaking balls that make or break pitchers and that’s what Mejia really needs to work on.

As I’ve said all along, Mejia, for development purposes, belongs in the starting rotation. Who knows? He may still be a relief pitcher in the future, but he needs those quality innings as a starter in the minors before he can become the dominant, late-inning force the Mets so desperately need him to be in the future.

Mejia is scheduled to return to the rotation for Buffalo on Monday, when he will start in Indianapolis.

Morning News: Mets “Seem To Match Up” On Balfour, Dickey Lined Up For ASG, Mejia Back To Bullpen… Again

Here are yesterday’s top three stories from Mets-land.

Buster Olney tweeted yesterday that he thinks the Mets and Oakland Athletics would make great trade partners in a deal that would send Grant Balfour to Queens.

Balfour, 34, has been stellar out of the ‘pen for Oakland this season. He has seven saves and a 2.62 ERA in 37 games.

According to ESPNNewYork, R.A. Dickey is all lined up with his rest to pitch in the All-Star Game on July 10 in Kansas City.

July 10 would be a day that Dickey would normally be scheduled to start. He is 11-1 this season with a 2.34 ERA.

After about a week of confusion, Terry Collins told reporters yesterday that Jenrry Mejia is staying in the bullpen down in the minor leagues. Mejia’s role has been debated for years, and it heated up recently after he struggled in a few bullpen outings.

Mejia will likely join the Mets bullpen sometime later this season.

Morning News: Mets Will Be In On Reliever Talks, Mejia Back To Rotation, Wright Still On Top In ASG Voting

Mets Adding Reliever?

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports went on WFAN yesterday and said he expects the Mets to trade for a reliever.

However, this weekend Buster Olney said the Mets won’t dive into the trade market until the All-Star break.

Mejia To Rotation Again

According to Adam Rubin, the Mets are planning on moving Jenrry Mejia back to the starting rotation in Buffalo, even though they think his long-term future is in the bullpen.

Mejia was moved to the bullpen earlier this month, but has allowed seven runs in four innings as a relief pitcher.

To read my take on the original move to the bullpen, click here.

Wright Leads NL Third Basemen In ASG Votes

David Wright leads NL third baseman in All-Star votes. He is over 400,000 votes ahead of Pablo Sandovol, who is in second.

To view the rest of the results so far, click here.

Jenrry Mejia Has Struggled In Buffalo Since Moving To The Bullpen

Jenrry Mejia is struggling. The right-handed fireballer was moved to the bullpen earlier this month, a decision made by the Mets front office. Mejia was having success as a starter through the first two months of the season, posting a 1.13 ERA in his three starts with the Bisons, but was moved to the bullpen as a precaution. Mejia has never pitched 100 innings as a professional and also underwent Tommy John Surgery last year.

Since moving to the ‘pen, Mejia has been dreadful. He has allowed runs in three of his five appearances, including last night’s game in which he was charged with four runs (three earned) on three hits and a walk. He was pulled after recording just one out. He has now allowed a total of seven runs in six innings as a relief pitcher.

The front office is hoping to use Mejia as a reliever later this season, but if he keeps struggling like this in Buffalo, that’s not going to happen.

Personally, I think it was the wrong move to put Mejia in the ‘pen in the first place.He was converted to a reliever in 2010 in Omar Minaya’s desperate attempt to solidify the bullpen. That went horribly wrong and it set Mejia back a year in his development. Doing it again is a big mistake, in my opinion. His off-speed pitches are his weakness, and the only way to really work on them is to start. What the Mets front office should have done is let him throw 110-120 innings as a starter, and then just shut him down for the year. That way he is building up his arm strength and getting an opportunity to develop . Precious innings are being wasted.